Repeated guidance by <a href="" target="_blank">Washington State LCB</a> reduces the ability of licensees to keep their reporting data accurate and makes it easier to game the system. Data visibility and reporting ability are reduced

In many states[0] that have regulated cannabis those businesses have been deemed critical or essential and are allowed to remain open. Sometimes there is a claim that it's because people need to get their medicine. Our theory is that is just due to the

In the Cannabis industry, across more than a dozen states, three primary service providers, hundreds of secondary providers and thousands of cannabis businesses we all deals with **Products**. And sadly, we all do it slightly differently. Today we are

One of the difficult things when building software for the cannabis space is the lack of standards. This is very visible across the laboratory space. Each of the software vendors (BioTrack, Akerna/MJPlaform/LeafData, METRC) has their own way of

Even though we thought we were done with all the issues of LeafData 1.37.5, it's not true! Over the weekend in Washington at least 75 licensees had their identifiers change in the system. Some of them lost access to MJF/LD, some still don't have access a

It's getting confusing now, but let's back-track one step first. LeafData is the software system built for Washington by MJ Freeway -- who now calls themselves Akerna. It's the same actors, with the same problems -- on their third or fourth name (don't

Attempted to document as well as possible. Most of us are small shops, don't have BigCo like resources to fight-fires, take dilligent notes, participate in meetings and run communications. This post-mortem is also very brief -- as there are still

Ever wonder how the BigGuys do it? How can major retailers like QFC receive truckloads of inventory with only a few quick scans? **Standards**. Manufacturers and distributors like Kroger, P&G and Unilever recognize that standardization throughout the

The pending release of LeafData v1.37.5 in Washington is about like their previous releases. It's late, it's still got bugs and the Washington State government is still wasting money on a system that is missing critical functionality. Let's look at

We could have titled this "LeafData Migration Issue #421" but, it's bigger than just their failure of a roll-out in Washington. regarding the label problems that we've had it since the migration to leave data now that we've switched over someone to the

For the last two weeks the cannabis industry in Washington State has been nearly shut down. The state deployed MJ Freeway/LeafData ("MJF/LD") on Feb 1st (it was delayed from Nov 1st, 2017) and it's been a dumpster-fire since then. The largest issue is

# Desperate Need for Cannabis Label Standardization This industry has an enormous labeling problem. Nobody agrees on a format, nobody agrees on a layout, nobody agrees on required data, nobody agrees on digital-imaging. How the heck is this industry